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Types Of Pet Lizards

All About The Different Types Of Pet Lizards

The list of types of pet lizards is a long one, although the list can be broken down into categories. Also, the number of types of pet lizards actually available in the market place is usually not all that large. Some lizards make excellent pets, while other can present a challenge. There are a number of types of pet lizards which indeed make excellent pets but are not a good choice for the beginner.

Some lizards have an inconvenient habit of growing much larger than anticipated when purchasing it. Others, while making wonderful pets, are relatively fragile and sensitive as far as care and handling are concerned. And some are just a handful. A baby lizard which gives a nip one can barely feel, can deliver a very nasty bite once fully grown. Lizards also are known to use their tails as a weapon, and getting lashed by a mature lizard's tail can result in anything from an open wound to a broken bone.

Do Some Research - The best approach may be to go down a list of types of pet lizards, find a few candidates that seem interesting, and then do a little research on each type to see what might make the best fit for you, their future owner. The pet store isn't necessarily the best place to do your research. As helpful as the person behind the counter may be, he or she may not be knowledgeable about every type of lizard in stock, and some sales people just want to make a sale and will make any type of lizard sound as it it's just the right fit for you.

Lizards come in several families, with each family having a number of species which have the potential for making a good pet. Here is a summary of lizard families, listing a sampling of lizards in each family which may be of interest.

Lizard Families - First is the Iguania Family. The Iguania family includes some very popular pet lizard types, the chameleons, Leopard lizards, and several types of Iguana. Next is the Gekkota Family, naturally including various types of the Gecko. The Scincomorpha Family has Skinks, Spectacled lizards, and Spiny tail lizards. Alligator lizards and Glass lizards are members of the Diploglossa Family, and last but not least is the Platynota Family, to which the Gila Monster and a number of species of Monitors belong.

Popular Choices - Among the most popular among the types of pet lizards is the Bearded Dragon lizard. This is a good choice for a first time lizard owner, as it is one of the easier lizard types to handle. The Bearded Dragon does not stress easily, is good around children, and is noted for being able to lead a long and healthy life in captivity. The Leopard Gecko is another favorite, and it just may be the most popular of all lizard pets. Besides being quite attractive, Leopard geckos do not grow large, they are relatively docile, and are easy to care for. Another popular gecko type is the Crested Gecko, an easy to care for lizard, though it tends to be a little more delicate than most other lizard types. Some people would like have one of the types of monitor as a pet, and one of the better ones is the Red Ackie, noted for its ridged or spiny tail. While some monitors can be quite large, and some even dangerous, the Red Ackie is a dwarf monitor and makes a very nice pet.

Some To Be Careful Of - While the Iguana is very popular, it requires a great deal of care, and plenty of room. Though tame, a fully grown iguana can deliver a nasty bite, or easily inflict a wound with a whip of its tail, which has razor sharp spikes. The Iguana has sharp talons to boot. Not a good choice for the beginner or for a youngster, even though they are cute as babies.

The same can be said for the Savannah Monitor, which is popular as a pet, but gets quite large, and can cause some serious damage if it decides to bite or swing its tail. A more gentle pet lizard is the Chameleon. The Chameleon is not often recommended as a pet, as even though they are quite docile, and a beautiful little lizard, they are easily stressed, and can be easily injured. Consequently, when one has a chameleon as a pet, it should be handled only rarely.

Having said all of that, it's apparent that somewhere in the list of types of pet lizards, there is one or more that is suitable for just about anyone, beginner or pro, young or old.



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